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    Come in to see, opened 1 September 2011, an exiting GIFTS (also for yourself), ARTS&CRAFTS -(hand crafted SA products) little shop catering for young&old,locals&tourists just simply called 'COLOURS' 

    Neutral, black&white, warm and bright delights for everyone's taste - FABRICS: exquisite hand-embroidered cushion covers& runners, variety of placemats, beachwear, Kikoys/Sarongs, scarves, tea-towels, bags&bag organisers, pure cotton hand woven mats,bed covers&fabric per meter. CERAMICS&POTTERY: busts,various pots,mugs,jugs,plates,dishes,mobile/hangings and ornaments. GLASSWARE: recycled wine glasses&tumblers,plates,coasters+fridge magnets+photo frames.
    MIRRORS: mosaic, ostrich egg shell and exquisite metal artwork mirrors and key-racks+mobiles. JEWELLERY: Amber,silver,shell,leather,horn, wood,seed,metal and costume jewellery -
    rings,earrings,chokers,pendants,necklaces,bracelets for males and females. WOOD,BONE+HORN: masks,figures/statues,animals,shoe horns,salad severs,various spoons,cups,dishes,hearts,mobiles+puzzles. SOAP STONE: heart weights,dishes+ornaments,etc. PAPER: unique cards,postcards,prints,'Wildside' books,note books,photo albums,gift tags& bags,colouring-in books,etc. WIREWARE+METAL: telephone wire baskets+pen holders, ornaments,Pewter cutlery,Candle holders with love bean and ostrich egg. 

    BASKETWARE: hand-woven Namibian palm-leaf baskets, sisal+raffia beach bags and ornaments. AND MORE: African CD's, funky Reader SPECTACLES, wrist WATCHES, Wall CLOCKS, CELLPHONE COVERS, Fridge MAGNETS, TEDDIES, POT-POURRI,

    Quill+feather PENS, 'LOVE BEAN' Tablecloth WEIGHTS+KEY RINGS+loose Quill+BEANS,various COASTERS and fancy/party ITEMS.